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​at the place where we can share a piece of pizza



Pizza is the one of the most convenient,

delicious and popular food

for Canadian college students.

We eat them in the mail hall, parties, or events

and as eating pizzas with friends, we realized that

what we share is not only a whole pizza

but comfortable and precious time.

In this society, "building a enjoyable and comfortable community as if we eat a pizza together" is our concept on running this society

Currently SMU gets

a bunch of Japanese exchange students who look for opportunities to get together with us every year.

This society wishes we all can

"eat a whole pizza"together.

Anyone who is interested in Japanese cultures is welcome!

Feel free to send message to us or join us!!





Door is open for anyone who

is willing to join Japanese Canadian society!

Let's build a community

where you can share your experience

through SNS, blog, and the events with us!

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