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Japanese Words for Today !!


This is Japanese Canadian Society!

The society is about connecting Japanese culture and Canadian culture.

Today, we will introduce some useful Japanese words!

This is going to be a series, so please keep checking the blog and let's learn Japanese with us!

The words we will introduce today are...
  • まじ (Maji)

  • それな (Sorena)

  • あーね (ah-ne)

They cannot be used in polite way, but they are very useful when you talk with your friends.

We always use those words in daily conversation.

Let's start the lesson!

First one is..... 'まじ' (Maji)

Maji means 'really' in English in quite casual way.

But, you may also want to use this word for WTF or holy s**t.

A: Hey, man. There is a goddem news. The girl you are really into has a boyfriend.

B: Really... (Maji ka...)

We, native Japanese speakers, often use "Maji" when having faced at a pretty surprising moment.

A:Hey, all classes you have today are cancelled. Every single prof got flu.

B:Really?? (Maji de?)

We also use this word to emphasize something.

A:Hey, this is a tip. Don't take that business course. that course really (Maji de)


You can hear this word in a bunch of Japanese anime scenes.

Second word is..... 'それな' (Sorena)

Sorena is used when you want to agree with something.

The closest English word is 'exactly'.

If you don't know what to respond to your friend, you can just say 'sorena',

then everything is going to be okay!

Japanese people tend to agree to everything to avoid conflicts. You can say sorena to everything.

You can have conversations just by saying 'sorena'.

Examples for 'sorena' is

A: Damn, American size hamburger is huge. No one can finish it!!

B: Sorena

A:And they even took the tip from us!!!


A: But it was really yummy!


A:Are you listening?


Third one is..... 'あーね’ (Ah-ne)

Ah-ne is similar to Sorena, but it is more used in understanding what your friend has just said.

The closest English expression is 'make sense' or 'got it'.

You can use 'Ah-ne' when you got someone's point.

A:Japanese people are considered pretty shy but its incorrect. They are just afraid

of making mistakes so they avoid to speak English a lot.

B: Ah-ne

Or you can use 'Ah-ne' when you are not interested into the topic.

Physics students: things fall because of gravity

You: Ah-ne

All of the words above are very convenient and they can be used in various situations in any contexts by changing tones.

But be careful!!

Like I said in the beginning, those words are for casual way of speaking, not polite way. Please don't use the words to your professor or elder people; it can be rude.

We will write about differences between polite way of speaking and casual way of speaking in another time!


We will introduce useful Japanese words like today again. So please keep checking us!

Words for next time are…

  • たしかに (Tashikani)

  • めっちゃ (Mecha)

  • やばい (Yabai)

See you next time!


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