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Welcome to JapaCana !!

Hello, this is Japanese Canadian Society !!

-We are Saint Mary’s University’s official society which provides the place to exchange Japanese cultures and Canadian cultures for the students!!

Today's blog will talk about our society !!

-We have students from various countries such as Japan, Canada, India, and Korea.

There are many Japanese exchange students in the language center who are new to Canada. Also there are domestic students who are interested in Japanese culture.


"Why don't we share time together to help Japanese students to enjoy there life in Canada while non-Japanese students can make Japanese friends and learn real Japanese culture and language by getting involved in the society."

This was the initial idea of Japanese Canadian Society !!


We have a new concept for this year ..........


Why does it has to be pizza ??

We believe if you are a college student, who doesn’t love pizza right ??

We, as university students, eat pizza in meal hall, at parties, events with your friends!

Our society will provide the place that all the students in the society can share pizza together without any barriers.

You may forget the taste of the pizza but you would never forget the time you spend with your friends.


We usually hold an event once a week!!

<Here are top 3 popular events!!>

1. Scavenger hunt

Walking around Halifax to complete tasks (take pictures at the provided places) with your group. This is a good opportunity to develop Halifax and getting to know each other!

2. Halloween

We mix Japanese and Western culture for Halloween event !! Cosplay is very popular trend in Japan and all students bring their favorite costume and have a party !!

3. Christmas

In Japan, we do not experience real Christmas events. We make a ginger bread house and learn how Canadian students spend their Christmas !!

Sometimes we hold events to exchange cultures and sometimes we hold events just to make a place to spend time together and have fun!!


We want to build our society together so if you have an idea for the events, please leave a comment and DM our SNS accounts !!


Currently, the society is struggling with the lack of students who are interested in Japanese cultures and societies. This is because of the cultural barrier between Japanese students and non-Japanese students who come to the society.

When it comes to your culture and language, it is a very complex problem and it is hard to accept the other culture. Students should respect other students in the society and we hope that students can feel this society as their second home.

We are trying to rebuild the society that can give you a little bravery to accept the differences!!

We hope all the students who are interested in our society will be able to represent both Japanese and Canadian cultures by joining our society!!

We opened new Instagram, Twitter account, Facebook page and Japanese and English version of our websites to inform more things about us.

Keep in touch with Japanese Canadian Society!!

Society's website

English version

Japanese version

-We post blogs about life in Halifax and information about the exchange program for Japanese students. Upcoming events are also informed on the website!!


-We post about society events and information about society members!!


-We post the details and changes about the upcoming events!!


-We post information about upcoming events and report of the events!!



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